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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

Kindred Spaces has recently moved and is now operating throughout the city of Calgary, Alberta.

Do I need a site visit?

For smaller projects such as closets and pantries, an introductory phone call to discuss your project will provide enough information to get started. For larger projects such as full basements, whole home downsizing, or unique projects with unique challenges, a site visit is a chance for you to show us the space and for us start planning our approach. This allows us to ensure that we can give you the most accurate estimate and respect your budget. Planning is a key component to every organizing and decluttering project in order to help you overcome the challenges that have made your space so difficult to tackle in the past. There is no quality one size fits all approach, so it is important for us to have the time to get to know you and your needs so that you can get the most bang for your buck in every session!

Why is there a 3 hour minimum?

Getting the results you are looking for requires at least three hours per session because decluttering and taking stock of your items is a key part of the process. Making decisions about the items, working through the strategies, then allowing time to load up the items generally requires three hours in order to effectively make progress and ensure the process is at a pace doesn't create stress and overwhelm.

If minimalism isn’t a goal of mine, are your services right for me?

While minimalism is a popular movement right now, we don't believe that you need throw everything away or adhere to a certain style in order to love your space.  Our philosophy focusses on simplifying, which can look different for everyone. Simplifying is the process of removing items that are no longer useful or special to YOU. We don’t have a magic number for how many items you should own or what your design style should be. What's most important is clarifying what items are helping you live harmoniously in your space, and what items are getting in the way. 

I have physical limitations. How much physical labour am I expected to do?

Clients can be as physically involved as they wish to be or are able to be. We are able to do all the light/medium lifting and moving of objects. We are more than happy to set up a sorting space around a chair or space where you can be comfortably seated. For heavy furniture moving we can discuss what options are available to hire help or arrange to get it done safely. These specifics would be discussed during your consultation session. We understand that this process can be emotionally draining as well and will encourage you to take as many breaks as you need.

Why should I pick you over other organizing and decluttering services?

Kindred Spaces offers a way for waste-conscious and community minded people to experience the benefits of decluttering in a way that aligns with their values. For a long time, it seemed as though living in beautiful, un-cluttered spaces was a luxury only available to people who were willing to consistently throw things away in order to maintain their space. Our approach is different, and we believe that not only can your clutter stay out of the landfill, but that there are countless local Calgary charities that will benefit enormously from items you no longer need. Kindred Spaces also believes strongly in the power of education to help clients identify how to take charge of their clutter consumption and build the skills needed to maintain their space long term. You can rest easy knowing that your items are being discarded in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way possible. 

Will you be responsible for deep cleaning each space (i.e. toilets, showers, etc)?

We will perform light cleaning as needed to complete a space such as dusting shelves, vacuuming a small area where furniture has been moved, etc. Deep cleaning is not a part of our services, however we will be happy to connect you to a local cleaning service if you wish to have that work done professionally.

What is your cancellation policy?

As is standard for most service based businesses, sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a fee. Life happens, and reasonable exceptions will be made in the event of an emergency and in the interest of safety. Providing as much notice as possible of a cancellation allows us to book another client in the vacant spot. Further details about our cancellation policy can be found in the information sheet provided at the free consultation. 

Who is responsible for removing the discarded items?

This will be depend on a few factors and will be discussed in more detail at your consultation. Depending on the quantity and nature of items to be discarded, we will work together to create a plan to ensure that you have as much support as possible to donate, sell, and safely dispose of your items. Included in each session is the removal of one carload of discarded items (for donation, eco-station disposal, or recycling) as well as support in setting up charity pickups, optional coaching to sell your items online, and guidance to ensure that everything gets to the right place.  

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