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Full service organizing and decluttering services to help you create the beautiful, functional space you've been dreaming of without filling up the landfill. Ready to elevate your spaces, your community, and your life?

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Why Us?

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Community Minded

No more trash bag guilt! You care about the planet, and we do too. Keep your clutter out of the landfill AND out of your closets by finding the perfect new home for everything, all within your local community. 


Learn how to break the exhausting cycles of accumulating and decluttering for good. Discover how your powerful role as a consumer can make a positive impact on the environment and your community! 


Learn from an experienced educator who is passionate about helping you learn and master your new decluttering habits. 

Custom Program

Your space, lifestyle, preferences, challenges and goals are unique. Get real strategies and solutions tailored fit your life. 


Judgement-free and compassion-based support to help you let go of the tough stuff and move forward in your new tidy paradise. 

Skills Based

Organizing and decluttering are skills that CAN be learned. You might just need a little help from the right coach. Whether your space is in total chaos or you just need to make things a little more functional, we can help. 

What Can We Help You With?

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Experience the joy of reaching into a closet where everything has its place. No walk-in? No problem! Any closet, any size, can be functional and fabulous.

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Perhaps the sneakiest clutter magnet in your home. Make mornings a breeze with solutions that make use of ever nook and cranny. 

Study Room

Storage Rooms

Transform the world's favourite dumping grounds into that place where you can actually find those decorations and keepsakes again. 

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Paper Management

Breakup with mystery piles for good. Discover the bliss of a system that protects your important documents and prevents new ones from piling up.

Living Room

Living Spaces

Movie night, craft room, yoga studio, study zone.. these spaces wear many hats. Find the perfect solutions to keep these busy spaces tidy, functional, and beautiful.


Modern Kitchen

Kitchen & Pantry

If you spend more time recovering from food container avalanches than cooking the meals you enjoy, then it's time to find a better way to organize the busiest room in your room. 

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Home Office

Working from home can be fantastic. Trying to answer emails while staring resentfully at your piles is not. Create the perfect productivity space for an office you can't wait to roll into, pj's or not. 

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Go from AHHH to ahhhh. Create the peaceful oasis you deserve.

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...And More!

Read on to find a detailed list of all the services and packages available to help you love your space!

Background of houseplant on white table. Dictionary definition of Kindred Spaces: Noun; services.



noun: services

1. Freeing yourself from clutter.

2. Raising up your community.

3. Caring for the planet. 

When Is The Best Time To Work With An Organizer?

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...when your space feels overstuffed and overwhelming.

It doesn't have to feel that way.

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